I have been facilitating Art Workshops over the last seven years to children and families. These workshops have been therapeutic, academic and recreational. I feel it every child's right to have access to creative resources in order to explore their creative capacity. There have been many studies to suggest that nurturing one's creativity at any age encourages an exploratory cognitive response to risk, challenge, establishing a GROWTH MINDSET 


From working with babies and toddlers, to vulnerable adults, primary age children and teenagers-the workshops allow individuals the opportunity to explore their senses; delving into edible paint, sqeezing, stretching, twisting sponges, babies can develop their social-emotional and hand-eye coordination skills within a friemdly, safe group environment.; families can work together to create an artwork that encorporates every level of skill in teh dynamic and encourage a collaborative approach to creativity; therapeutically-organising the chaos of emotions that can be difficult to have a handle on through art, can give individuals a sense of control. 


I thoroughly enjoy the time spent within the groups I have worked with. Watch this space for some photographs, ideas and evaluations from such workshops.